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About Us

TIGLIO is a collection of superbly tailored Italian men’s clothing, using the finest fabrics from Biella, to create a perfect balance the modern European trends and the traditions of master tailors of Italy.

The TIGLIO design team, based in Firenze, constantly searched for new ideas that combine the luxurious fabrics developed exclusively for TIGLIO with elegant new designs.

Every garment is produced with great attention to the smallest details, starting from the comfortable fit of the garment, the shape, and on to the accessories used to give the finishing touches.

The TIGLIO collection is divided into three distinct categories:

TIGLIO ROSSO: Luxury meets High Fashions, this collection is updated on a seasonal basis, always offering the newest models, and the freshest design of fabrics. The Tiglio rosso collection consists mostly of three piece suits and vests, and mostly in the wide leg fits.

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